PlayerStat Data’s August Best XI

Posted On May 01, 2024


August was a busy month for many of the players; we collected performance data across 23 league games and 186 outfield players (with breakdowns per player on 1st half and 2nd half performances); interesting statistics show that there were:

On 31st July, League of Ireland football returned after a near 5-month break. It came back with a bang, complete with its own streaming channel and new League director.

The restart also brought a new face to the LOI; PlayerStat Data, specialists in player performance data solutions. Over the first 5 weeks, we have grown our player client base across four Premier Division clubs and agreed partnerships with two club clients. The rest of the 2020 season is a great opportunity to show the LOI that we are the accurate & intelligent player performance data solution.

August was a busy month for many of the players; we collected performance data across 23 league games and 186 outfield players (with breakdowns per player on 1st half and 2nd half performances); interesting statistics show that there were:

  • 15,046 attempted passes (8,571 attempts towards the opposition’s goal)
  • 388 efforts on goal
  • An average of 221 mins pitch time per player across the Premier Division.

Below is our very first PlayerStat Data Team of the Month **(min. 225 mins played)

GK – Ed McGinty (Sligo Rovers) – an excellent month for the young goalkeeper, who was called into the exciting Irish U21 squad training camp. Solid August performances, along with an upturn in the club’s form means that the player is the first goalkeeper to be named in our Team of the Month.

RB – Sean Gannon (Dundalk) –Sean continues to show why he is the most consistent right-back in the LOI. He successfully recovered possession 86% of the time from loose balls / interceptions, 100% success rate in tackles and came out the winner in just over 70% of defensive 1v1 situations. At the other end, he created three chances across 270 mins, with one pre-assist to show for his efforts.

LB – Tyreke Wilson (Waterford) – played as a left-back & left-wing back in August, showed similar numbers as Gannon around def. 1v1 successes (73%), successful recoveries / interceptions (84%) & tackle success (100%). He was highly effective at the other end; 1 assist, 6 chances created and a success rate of 82% in attacking 1v1 situations (i.e. beating the opponent in front of him).

LCB – Kyle McFadden-Callan (Sligo Rovers) – a fine month for Kyle; 1 goal (100% shot efficiency) and a 93% pass completion success rate (101 attempts). We can drag the possession stats out further, with just under 65% of his pass attempts in a positive, forward direction. At the back, he had a stand-out 97% success rate in recovering possession from loose balls and interceptions (successful reading the game & intercepting a pass on 11 occasions). He ended the month with a 78% success rate in def. 1v1 situations too.

RCB – Eoin Toal (Derry City) – 96% success rate in recovering possession, won 100% of his tackles and 78% success in def. 1v1 situations. Interestingly, he was involved in the highest # of def aerial duels (41) and won the highest number of duels (25).


DM – Gary O’Neill (Shamrock Rovers) – one of the highest rates of successful ball recoveries from a ‘holding’ midfield player (87% successful recovery rate) and a pass completion rate of 97% (271 attempts). The connection point for our team between defenders and attackers.

CM – Jack Byrne (Shamrock Rovers) & David Cawley (Sligo Rovers) – some may think Jack Byrne had one of his quieter months, but his numbers say otherwise: 1 goal scored, 2 assists, 22 dribbles, created 12 chances (the highest of any players) and 320 pass attempts. A quiet month indeed.

David Cawley scored one goal, assisted three, one pre-assist (pass that led to an assist), created 7 efforts on goal and an 85% pass success rate from 233 passes. Two extremely creative central midfield players.


RW – Danny Grant (Bohs)­ – one of the best players since the restart. 16 dribbles, 2 goals scored, 1 assist. Won 75% of his attacking 1v1 situations and involved in 12 of his side’s non-scoring efforts on goal (involvement in up to 5 phases before an effort on goal). A massive attacking threat down the left and right for Bohs in August and a key figure in their good run in August.

LW – Matt Smith (Waterford) – returned from the break a far more dangerous player. Scored with a tidy finish against Dundalk, two assists and 14 completed dribbles across his five appearances. Like Danny Grant, close to a 75% attacking 1v1 success rate, making him a nightmare for defenders in August; he created 4 chances for others also, making him the joint highest chance creator for the RSC side in August.

ATT – Andre Wright (Bohs) – it was a close call between Andre Wright and Ronan Coughlan at Sligo Rovers; both players had excellent all-round attacking stats. A massive focal point for Bohs’ attacks; involved in 46 attacking aerial duels, 12 efforts on goal (33% of his efforts on target) and a huge 93% success rate in holding up the ball, back to goal & connecting with team-mates. An extremely powerful & effective August for Andre Wright.

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