PlayerStat Data Clients

At PlayerStat Data, we offer accurate, intelligent, and bespoke performance data solutions for our clients.

Our dedication to data accuracy means that strict quality control procedures are in place to ensure that our clients always receive the most reliable & accurate data insights available on the market.

We also push the boundaries of our data output to offer the greatest insights available to our clients – our team of analysts, data scientists & sport scientists are tasked with collecting intelligent performance metrics & creating insights that will drive our clients’ goals.

Our bespoke data approach allows THE CLIENT to get what THEY want from THEIR data. Our clients want to see different facets of a performance from each game/player and they want to have control over the final data report. At PlayerStat Data, the client tells us what they want to see after each game / on each player target and we provide this as they wish.

Our data output will allow:

  • The elite player to drive performance improvements through their bespoke performance data output.
  • The professional club with limited resources to enhance their Talent ID operations on specific leagues using accurate, intelligent & bespoke player insights.
  • The agent to enhance their own Client ID operations, whilst developing the services they offer current clients.

Our profiles allow the agent to more accurately assess:

  1. Their client’s value to the suitor club (in transfer negotiations).

  2. Their client’s value at their current club (in contract negotiations).


  • Access their individual performance data output on a game-by-game basis.
  • ​Bespoke packages that allow players to identify trends across their season’s performances & tailor training plans as required. ​
  • As an option, monthly rankings comparisons with players in similar positions.


  • Enhance Talent ID operations through bespoke data insights on transfer targets.
  • Negate some elements of risk involved in a player transfer by conducting extra due diligence – leveraging accurate & intelligent data on a transfer target.​


  • Enhance Client ID operations by monitoring potential clients using our data insights.
  • ​Monitor weekly performances of clients, allowing the client to hypothetically be in many places at the one time.
  • ​Our bespoke data profiles allow agents to have a clear picture of their client’s performances & value before entering negotiations on their client’s behalf.

UK Governing Body Endorsements (GBE) – Points Criteria

Post-Brexit, any UK club wishing to sign an overseas (incl. EU) player, permanently or on a loan deal, will be forced to apply for a Governing Body Endorsement (GBE) before that player is seen as eligible to play in the UK.

The Governing Body Endorsement is a points-based criteria system and one that all UK clubs (at higher levels in the football pyramid) will have to go through going forward.

At PlayerStat Data, we will navigate the points criteria system on behalf of each client. Our data analyst team has created an automated system to accurately assess each criteria.

  • We gather all the required data on the player target for the GBE process
  • We provide a report with the points total AND a breakdown of the points per condition.

As with all our club & agency dealings, our GBE points criteria testing process is completely confidential and will be backed up with confidentiality agreements where required.