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Our performance data platform is targeted at Head of Academy / Player Dev / Tech Director users within soccer clubs & academies.

Our data platform allows for player development monitoring across entire youth structures (specifically u13-u19).

Player Performance
Data Output

Physical Data




Our performance data platform encompasses:

  • Player performance data output collected from recorded match video footage.
  • Physical data output (ie. GPS-driven data outputs, maturation tests etc).
  • Sports psychological insights, giving greater context around Youth Player Dev.
  • Socio-economic data collection, specific to the client’s own operations.
  • Coach Assessment output of players’ ability at varying stages across the season

Our client-access-only data platform offers users:

1. A unique, 360 degree player performance picture focused solely on youth player development.

2. Objective monitoring of player performance data output across their youth structure.

3. Individual & team performance reports & ability to create bespoke video highlight reels.

How PlayerStatData stands out from the competition

  • A sole focus on teams within U13 – U19 age groups.
  • A flexible, 360° platform, encompassing physical data, on-field performance data and psychological, socio-economic & coach assessment insights.
  • 1H, 2H, 90 min, monthly & total player data output records.
  • Accurate, intelligent player performance data output, letting users monitor their youth structure from one secure access point.
  • Downloadable player / team performance reports on a game-by-game basis to enhance post-match analysis operations.