The Rolling Stones once sang “Time is on my side”. Jim Croce lamented that “there never seems to be enough time, to do the things you want to do once you find them”.

At youth soccer coach & op. level, time is often an ongoing problem. Time is an (in)valuable resource and for youth soccer player development staff, it’s a very volatile resource in its weekly availability.

In-season weeks can be frighteningly quick – games each weekend, followed rapidly by three training/practice sessions in the run-up to the next weekend’s game.

Coaching staff are faced with huge to-do lists each week, whilst also having to fully digest what happened in the previous game & prepare for the next game. One of the main time villains is:

clipping & chopping recorded match video footage for post-match analysis

Time spent clipping footage

We found, on average, coaches spend 7.5 HOURS PER GAME scanning match video footage for their own analysis, chopping up clips for team sessions & then combing through video footage AGAIN to get individual clips for individual players.

Coaches suggest their process is often very inefficient, with a very narrow snapshot on particular, memorable individual clips – (ie. not having every single player event video clip available to them in a list & then choose the specific, relevant clips from there).

In addition, having spent hours on the video editing aspect, coaches rarely, if ever, collect any performance data output from the footage – leaving a huge goldmine of insights & a large competitive advantage untapped.

In 92% of cases, this lack of performance data collection isn’t down to a disinterest in data insights & output – it simply comes down to not having enough time & other “must-do” pressing priorities.

The importance of YOUR time – the what-ifs

What if youth coaches & youth exec. staff could reclaim 7.5 hours each working week, but still have access to 100s of individual player clips & 1000s of player data outputs per game?

As a coach, what would you do with an extra 7.5 hours each week?

  • Can you spend more time on the training ground with your players?
  • Involve yourself in more one-to-one player moments?
  • Take the time to have that little break & attack the next day with renewed energy & optimize your workload?

Time is a resource becoming increasingly difficult to manage for youth soccer staff; a major reason for this is them having to wear a lot more hats each week than their professional counterparts.

Time spent on the training ground with your players is, to 83% of coaches & exec. staff we interviewed, is the optimal use of your time between games;

Time is one of the three key weekly facets coaches told us they would love to be able to buy.

Time is YOUR greatest resource; optimize it!

How our Soccer Intelligence platform will help you optimize your time each week

Helping your young players to reach their potential takes a lot of hours, meaning a lot of incurred costs.

Utilizing accurate, objective player performance data monitoring will give you the view on your players’ performances over a full season (and beyond), without finding 100s and 100s of hours each season to generate this view yourself.

Our Soccer Intelligence player data monitoring platform will give you every single player event video clip & 1000s of individual player data points, all in one location & at no time cost to your operations.

Coaches & players can access 1000s of video & data insights on individual games, player performance trends & player strengths/weaknesses – all dropped into YOUR platform each week.

We can give back you an average of 7.5 working hours per week, what could YOUR CLUB do with that extra time back every week?

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