In the next of our “Player Developers” series of interviews, we’re speaking with James Scott.

James is the Republic of Ireland WU17 Head Coach (currently ranked 6th in the UEFA Rankings) and he is also the National Coordinator for the Girls’ Emerging Talent Programme.

PlayerStat Data: How many years have you been working with young players on their soccer development?

James: Twenty-five years

PSD: What is your greatest driver/motivation within your role?

James: Developing players to reach their potential as footballers but also as people.

PSD: What is your favourite/most cherished memory when working with young players?

James: Seeing a player make their senior debut.

PSD: What is the most important facet of the coach/young player relationship, in your opinion?

James: Showing them you care about them as people first.

PSD: What is your view on the use of performance data insights/wearables/sports psych methods across youth soccer?

James: I think it has come on so much in a very short period, as coaches it’s important for us to keep up with modern trends and embrace methods that will enhance Player Development.

PSD: If you could bring one new tech innovation into your day-to-day youth soccer role, what would it be?

James: Giant screen pitch side.

PSD: What does success mean to you, from a youth player/team perspective?

James: Developing players that perform at senior level and reach their potential on & off the pitch.

PSD: Finally, what is your greatest piece of advice/guidance for your players on their development journey?

James: Work hard, stay humble.

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