In the first of our “Player Developers” series of interviews, we’re speaking with Jordan Brown, Technical Director of BVB International Academy Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Jordan has great experience in the Player Development space, working for many years at soccer academies in Ontario & at Burlington Youth SC. Before moving to the BVB International Academy, Jordan was the Technical Director at Brams United Girls’ SC and the Head Coach for the Men’s Soccer at Mohawk College, Ontario.

PlayerStat Data: How many years have you been working with young players on their soccer development?

Jordan: Ten years

PSD: What is your greatest driver/motivation within your role?

Jordan: Seeing players achieve their own successes and seeing players improve/pick up information and coaching points.

PSD: What is your favourite/most cherished memory when working with young players?

Jordan: Any time you see a player applying something you’ve tried to teach them, especially in games. Seeing them master a skill or have success is always fantastic.

PSD: What is the most important facet of the coach/young player relationship, in your opinion?

Jordan: Making sure it’s fun and engaging. You have to have a good personality that makes the kids comfortable to ask questions and feel like they can try things.

PSD: What is your view on the use of performance data insights/wearables/sports psych methods across youth soccer?

Jordan: I think it’s really valuable for coaches to have tangible evidence that something is working/not working. I think its then up to the coach to understand the data, interpret it and feed it back to the players in an easy-to-understand way.

PSD: If you could bring one new tech innovation into your day-to-day youth soccer role, what would it be?

Jordan: More video-based feedback, I think that really helps the young players see what you’re talking about and get instant feedback, especially when it comes to technical skills and tactical moments.

PSD: What does success mean to you, from a youth player/team perspective?

Jordan: I want to see players progress to the next step or level. Whether it’s moving from a lower-level team to a higher one, going to play at a college, or simply moving up to the next age group. As long as I’m helping players keep moving forward then I consider that a success.

PSD: Finally, what is your greatest piece of advice/guidance for your players on their development journey?

Jordan: To combine patience with hard work. If they put the time and the effort in to improving, and they have the patience, then they’ll be able to achieve great things.

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