June 15th 2022 was the 166th day in the Gregorian calendar, Nature Photography Day, National Lobster Day and also National Smile Power Day. From a Player Development standpoint & for 1000s of young soccer players across the USA and Canada, it was a day of huge personal significance.

On this day, soccer players aspiring for a college place in 2024 were finally allowed to begin communicating with prospective college coaches. A huge day for all concerned, but accounts such as @ImCollegeSoccer acted as a great balance in keeping the young players grounded & calm…

Players (and parents alike) are keen to put their best foot forward to catch the eye of college scouts and recruiters, but how can you stand head and shoulders above all this noise? Every player looking to attract scouts has highlight reels – can clubs, parents and players use data to stand out even more?

Highlight reels have the benefit of showcasing a player’s best moments and some key tenets of their ability, but it has one flaw as a stand-alone tool: subjectivity.

The video creator can edit out weaker parts of a player’s game and emphasize the stronger parts of their game – what if the player was able to balance this with objective data output?

Can showcasing strong AND weak points work in their favor, giving college scouts and recruiters an overall picture of the player’s ability?

The top players will be easy to spot & rightfully be top of all college scouts’ lists. What about those players underneath these top-ranked players?

For these players, there is an extremely competitive, noisy, and busy scramble to be spotted by those important decisionmakers at college level. Many of these players may rightfully believe that they belong in the must-have category amongst college recruiters but they now find themselves in a battle to be spotted & approached.

At PlayerStat Data, we believe that a comprehensive, targeted and insightful player data profile can (and will) be the tool that rises a greater number of players above this June 15th noise.

Our data platform will encompass data insights that will make certain players stand out from the rest of the pack – bespoke benchmarking across position, state and age will draw a recruiter’s eye to an objective comparison that is not available anywhere else.

  • Creating your own player profile (ie. objective performance data output that puts far greater context onto the video clips) has the power to direct a lot more college scout & coach traffic in your direction than simple word-of-mouth and recommendations can do.
  • It empowers the player & the parent by expanding their ability to reach colleges across the country from one laptop – not having to wait on a college scout to travel and watch them live first.
  • It allows the club to work closely with the player on certain aspects of their game to be in a position to produce the best possible profile to attract attention to their abilities.
  • It allows the club to put itself ahead of all the noise among rival clubs – offering players & parents a powerful tool in enhancing the chances of being recruited for a college place.

Objective performance data (at club/Academy level and at individual player level) has the ability to change the way a college scout/coach looks at a player’s ability. It also has the ability to enhance a club/Academy’s ability to recruit players from U13 level and above – having a powerful data weapon in their arsenal to help out their players for their “June 15th moment in a few years’ time.

Embrace player performance data; embrace PlayerStat Data.

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