After years of registration fees, travel costs & countless hours to and from matches, you want to ensure your kid has the best possible chance of being noticed by a college scout.

Like 10s of 1000s of other parents, player highlight reels are created, emails sent to college scouts and players enter showcase events to play before these scouts.

What if a competitive advantage was in front of you all this time – one that WILL put your son and/or daughter ahead of 1000s of players in the same position??

At PlayerStat Data, we have a unique player data platform allowing users unique access to:

1. Player video reels – each event of your son/daughter tagged & clipped into 10 sec video clips with the ability to create highlight reels.

2. Player Data Insights – a breakdown of your son and/or daughter’s performance data picture over a no. of games. Showing % success rates & strong/weak facets of their possession, defensive and offensive game.

And most importantly from a competitive advantage standpoint:

3. Player Benchmarking Insights – utilizing the highlight reels & the data breakdown & top it off with where your son and/or daughter ranks/rates across different metrics with players of the same age (and same position).

Your son/daughter’s data insights are only a simple match video away – we can turn their game footage into a data tool to create a player profile to enhance their kid’s efforts to stand out from the crowd & get in front of more college scouts.

We’re offering parents flexibility over the number of games they want to have tagged & the choice of elements within the platform (any combo of the three above).

This results in a flexible cost for you, the parent, ensuring the greatest value for your buck.

Simply email us at for more information and find out how YOU can supercharge your child’s ability to be noticed by college scouts from the 10s of 1000s of other players.

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