Today, 09/01: A revolution in youth soccer Player Development pathways has begun!

Across a process of over 400 games of testing we:

  • Worked across u13-u19 age groups (both indoor & outdoor),
  • Worked with youth soccer clubs & underage international teams across the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK,
  • Collected just under 500k individual player data-points.

Our extensive research & testing period allowed us to assess what problems youth soccer clubs faced & how we could ensure our platform was the solution for their problems.

The first element of our five-element Player Development data platform (on-field player data output) launches today and allows club clients to objectively monitor Player Development pathways on a game-by-game basis across their operations.

Aimed at the key decision-makers at youth club level (alongside Head Coaches), our on-field player data output allows clients to access:

  • Individual & team performance data reports (game-by-game).
  • Every player event clipped into a 10/20 sec downloadable video clip (with highlight reel options).
  • A live database with data across 1H, 2H, full match, monthly & seasonal player output.
  • Bespoke reports on chance creation & facets of player possession.

Our process for clients is simple

Club clients will be able to:

  • Objectively monitor player performances on a game-by-game basis from one access point
  • Cut down on subjective/bias-driven Player Development decisions
  • Develop a competitive advantage in their region that will help retain current players & attract new players to the club with a revolutionary Player Development monitoring system.
  • Utilize unique AI-driven insights using our in-house player AND ball tracking model.

At PlayerStat Data, our mission is to democratize youth player performance data – making performance data insights accessible, affordable and effective for ALL stakeholders at youth soccer club level.

With this first step in our #playerdevelopmentrevolution, the power of player performance data insights is now available to US & Canadian youth soccer clubs at all levels.

Will your club embrace this & power YOUR Player Development pathways?

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