In the next of our “Player Developers” series of interviews, we’re speaking with Ray Power,

Ray has worked across three continents on his Player Development journey and is well-known across the world through his online presence & Coach Education webinars.

He worked for Sunderland FC, running an elite programme for 12–16-year-olds in Tanzania, had experience as Academy Manager at Waterford FC in the League of Ireland and Football Academy Manager at Bangladesh National Sports Institute.

He is now the Head of Football Development at Boston United, best-selling author and also runs Ray Power Coach Education.

PlayerStat Data: How many years have you been working with young players on their soccer development?

Ray: Fifteen years

PSD: What is your greatest driver/motivation within your role?

Ray: Giving players the best chance of maximising their potential.

PSD: What is your favourite/most cherished memory when working with young players?

Ray: Keeping in touch and seeing how their lives panned out.

PSD: What is the most important facet of the coach/young player relationship, in your opinion?

Ray: Integrity.

PSD: What is your view on the use of performance data insights/wearables/sports psych methods across youth soccer?

Ray: I see them as added value. “1%s” that can add up in the long run.

PSD: If you could bring one new tech innovation into your day-to-day youth soccer role, what would it be?

Ray: Measuring ‘packing’ stats.

PSD: What does success mean to you, from a youth player/team perspective?

Ray: People saying that they improved under my coaching, or within the system I develop.

PSD: Finally, what is your greatest piece of advice/guidance for your players on their development journey?

Ray: You started playing because you loved it. Never play with fear or worry.

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