Soccer Intelligence - Player: Our gamechanging player data app for youth/grassroots levels

Posted On May 17, 2024


Our Soccer Intelligence - Player app experience will change the game at youth & grassroots level. Providing the clearest, objective picture of player development, directly to the players' phones.

Soccer Clubs….

  • Do you need to stand out from rival clubs & are looking to offer something different to enhance your players’ development pathways?
  • Are you looking to minimize player turnover numbers & adopt a data tool that can have a huge impact on player recruitment efforts?
  • Are your players hungry for that edge to assist them in their journey of realizing their own soccer potential?


If you can relate to any of the above, our Soccer Intelligence – Player app could be the tool for your club/team and your players. An app that will unlock a goldmine of game-by-game and aggregated season performance & development data insights and send them directly to your players’ phones.

The clearest, objective data picture of youth/grassroots player performances & development pathways available on the market – with user tools to completely personalize the experience to their own performance & development goals.


How clubs can adopt our app across their squads/rosters: Clubs/teams can access the Soccer Intelligence – Player app through 10/20/30 game packages. Flexibility in package options makes our revolutionary app accessible & available to clubs/teams of all levels & sizes.


How the process works: All we need from club/team clients are the already-collected match footage (in mp4 format) and lineup details (including substitutions). Our analyst team get to work, collecting the individual player performance datapoints from the game & collate the data into the Soccer Intelligence – Player app.

Within hours, players will be able to access an array of app features such as:

  • Aggregated season overview across over 70 individual performance metrics, along with a unique performance scoring system incorporating defensive, possession, attacking and GK performance facets.
  • Individual game-by-game performance data breakdown
  • Every single match involvement event available to each player in a 10 second video clip
  • And a first in this space, player benchmarking/ranking data insights – allowing users to compare themselves to 100s of other players in our database by age, position, region and metric.

What will the Soccer Intelligence – Player experience do for your players & club/team operations?

  • Objective data & video overviews of player performances to enhance player development plans & pathway progress.
  • Enhanced player-coach feedback sessions as both coaches & players are equipped with objective data & video outputs.
  • Parents can also monitor player development/performances; with the added impact of improving parent-coach relationships.
  • Extension of ‘club community/brand’ – our app is developed to incorporate your club’s logo and primary colours across the entire app; allowing clubs to personalize the user experience for their players.

Soccer Intelligence – Player goes live on Monday 20th May – with a special discount on offer for the first five clubs/teams who sign up to the app. For further information on what our app can do for your players and your club/team, please email



PlayerStat Data are specialists in soccer player development data solutions. Through our Soccer Intelligence suite of data products for coaching staff and players, soccer operations outside of the professional game can now access elite, professional level player performance & development data insights – all delivered directly to clients’ devices.

We are levelling the player development data playing field & by taking the already-collected match video footage from our clients, we unlock 1000s of performance data insights & outputs to give the clearest, objective data view of performances & development pathways.

Email for more details.

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