A Player Development data platform for soccer clubs & academies, focused on U13-U19 age groups

Powering youth player
development pathways

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Targeted at key Player Development figures at soccer clubs & academies, our 360 degree performance data platform platform allows objective player monitoring across their operations.

Our platform allows clients to view the complete picture of Player Development pathways across their structure.

Our Player Development data platform has three main functions:


player data output across five specific platform elements.


player data insights across on-field performances, physical output and psychological outputs.


a client-access-only platform allowing for objective, efficient Player Dev pathway monitoring.

Some of the academies that we have worked with to date

Objective Player Development Pathway Insights

Our platform allows Technical / Academy Director / Head of Player Dev users to:

  • Drive enhanced, objective decision-making around Player Dev pathways
  • Work towards optimizing player retention efforts & minimize player turnover numbers 
  • Increase player fee revenue streams & open ancillary revenue opportunities
  • Create their own player profiles (video & numerical stats) to enhance players’ efforts to secure scholarships.