Player Performance Data Ecosystems for Talent-Dev-focused Clubs & Academies

At PlayerStatData, we offer player performance data ecosystems for clubs & academies focused on TALENT DEVELOPMENT & driving their player pathway operations through unique, objective performance data insights.

We provide clubs & academies with a player performance data ecosystem that allows users to monitor player performances objectively & assess Player Development pathways across an entire youth structure – all from their own unique stand-alone performance database.

We aim to democratize player performance data for those without access to player performance data platforms (targeting U13-U19 age levels).

How do we collect this data?

We collect our player performance data output by watching each game from recorded video footage. We collect data across 80+ individual player performance metrics, test the data quality to ensure full accuracy and is then collated into each client-specific performance database.

Within our performance data ecosystem, we:

  • Collect player performance data output from match footage. 
  • Generate post-game individual player & team performance reports.
  • Maintain a client-exclusive player performance database which allows objective, efficient Player Development monitoring.

Objective Player Performance Data Output

Our data output allows the Club / Academy user to monitor player performances & Player Development pathways from their own in-house performance database. Driving enhanced objective decision-making, helping optimize player retention efforts & increasing player-fee revenue streams.

About PlayerStatData

Stand-out elements of our performance data ecosystem:

  • ALL individual player events clipped into 10 sec clips (incl. highlight reel creation)
  • 1H, 2H, 90 min, monthly & total player data output records
  • ALL reports & datasets available to nominated users only –  in-house performance data ecosystems on a client-by-client basis



  • Accurate & intelligent player performance data output, allowing users to monitor players across their structure from one single, secure access point.
  • Downloadable player / team performance reports on a game-by-game basis to enhance post-match analysis operations.