Specialists in soccer player performance data

At PlayerStatData, our vision is to be the global category leader for bespoke performance data solutions – focusing on performance improvements in the elite player.

For us to realise our vision, we are committed to working very closely alongside our elite players to produce the data output and data offerings that THEY want; not what we think they want!

This means constantly looking for innovations to bring to the playing clients, work with them to see so that THEY can take what THEY want from THEIR performance data outputs and always strive to maintain the clients’ control of their own data!

How do we collect this data?

We collect our League of Ireland player performance data by watching each game from recorded video footage. We collect data across 70+ individual player performance metrics, test the data quality to ensure full accuracy and is then collated into our performance metric database.

The PDF sheets on this website are a total for each of the SSE Airtricity League Premier Division clubs for the 2020 season – across defensive, possession and attacking metrics. The datasheets give a clear picture of each team’s output across each metric group, along with an indication of where your own club sits across each metric when compared with other clubs in the League.

At PlayerStat Data, we are specialists in soccer player performance data! We don’t drop the ball, we drop data!

It can be noted as well that every single player that featured for the ten clubs during the 2020 season will have this data collected on them across each of these metrics. It is the most comprehensive, reliable, and intelligent player performance data source on the League of Ireland player.

About PlayerStatData

Our online player performance database will:

  • Drive on-field performance improvements in the soccer player.​
  • Enhance Talent ID operations of professional soccer clubs & agencies
  • Enhance the services agencies offer current clients

Our bespoke player data profiles will:

  • Allow clubs to have extra data on hand when making a decision on a transfer target
  • Allow agents to strengthen their hand in negotiations on behalf of clients.